Terms and conditions apply exclusively to agreements with DJ Yanee


Contractor: DJ Yanee

Client: The person who has made a request to DJ Yanee to perform work against payment. Hereafter referred to as client.
Equipment: Items required for the performance, such as: Controller, microphones, light and sound installations.
Place of the performance: The location agreed upon by the client and DJ Yanee, to be provided by the client with all facilities to be able to give the performance.
Duration: The pre-agreed duration of the performance and its date.
Additional work: All work that has not been laid down in the agreement and is desired by the client.

Article 1: General provisions

These General Terms and Conditions apply, to the exclusion of any other general terms and conditions, to any offer from the Contractor and to any agreement of any kind concluded between the Contractor and the Client.

Article 2: Validity and Applicability

All conditions in these General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers and agreements, actions and performances of DJ Yanee.

Article 3: The prices

The stated prices are always all-in prices on the agreement where no extras are charged for night hours.

Article 4: The advance

When signing an agreement in duplicate, an advance of 200 euros is requested, the advance is paid in cash or by bank transfer. If the advance is paid by bank transfer, it must be paid within 7 days after signing the agreement. Only when the advance is on the account of DJ Yanee your booking is valid. You will then receive a confirmation of payment of the advance by email.

Article 5: Settlement of the remaining amount:

The settlement can be done in cash on the day of the event or maximum 2 weeks after the event the settlement must be paid by bank transfer. If this does not happen, we will send a reminder to the customer to transfer the remaining amount within a week. If the remaining amount has not been paid after 2 weeks, the cost price will be increased by 10%. Legal action will be taken on the third reminder.

Article 6: Cancellation of the agreement

DJ Yanee has the right at all times to refuse and/or terminate the agreement and the assignment, whether or not it has already been concluded, if DJ Yanee has a good reason to do so.

In the event of cancellation of the agreement by the client after signing, the client has 7 days to cancel the agreement. After this period, the advance cannot be reclaimed. When canceling an agreement within 7 days, the advance will be quickly refunded to the account number of the customer.

Article 7: Relocation of the party

If the party is moved for whatever reason, this can always be done free of charge in consultation with DJ Yanee, provided this is within 300 days.

Article 8: Relocation costs

No relocation costs or extra mileage allowances are charged for the whole of Belgium.

Article 9: Best efforts obligation of the Contractor

The Contractor undertakes to make the necessary efforts in the performance of the core performance of the agreement insofar as can reasonably be expected from the Contractor.

Article 10: Best efforts obligation of the Client

The client makes it possible for DJ Yanee to have unobstructed access to the location at least two hours before the start time. An approachable person must also be present who is fully aware of household affairs.

The Client guarantees the safety of the Contractor during the performance of the work arising from the agreement.

That there must be a power supply of at least one free group of 220 volts / 16 amps.

That the place of the performance is properly shielded and covered, so that any weather conditions cannot cause damage to DJ Yanee and/or the equipment.

That all necessary facilities are present at the performance location, such as electricity, water, the legal safety provisions and parking facilities.

If the equipment needs to be moved to a destination that is not on the ground floor or otherwise difficult to reach in the opinion of the Entrepreneur, the Client will provide additional help and facilities insofar as reasonably necessary.

The Client shall ensure adequate facilities for the implementation of the core performance by the Contractor. This includes drinks and meals.

Article 11: Nuisance

DJ Yanee is not liable for nuisance or exceeding the maximum number of decibels of sound.
In the event of a first warning regarding nuisance from local residents or the police, the client must immediately inform DJ Yanee in order to take appropriate measures.

DJ Yanee is entitled to cancel or suspend the assignment in the event of warnings from local residents or the police regarding nuisance.

Article 12: Complaints

Complaints are understood to mean all escalations with regard to the implementation of the agreement.

Under no circumstances will DJ Yanee return the total amount of the party to the client in case of complaints. The client also has no right to request this.

Article 13: Liability

The client is liable for damage to the equipment during the performance, due to the actions of her/his guests, staff of the location or what is caused by the negligence of third parties, such as peak voltage, destruction, rowdy behavior, etc.

Any damage caused to DJ Yanee’s equipment, both owned and hired, caused by the audience present must be compensated by the client at appraisal value determined by a recognized appraiser with demonstrable expertise in the field of sound equipment. Payment will be made no later than one month after the damage has been caused and the appraisal value has been determined.

DJ Yanee can under no circumstances be held liable for damage caused by third parties, persons, equipment, force majeure and the like.
The client is liable for any. weather damage (e.g. water/wind damage etc.) when the performance takes place outdoors.

Article 14. Other provisions

The client grants DJ Yanee permission to advertise during the show.

The client grants permission to take photos and film recordings of the party and to post them on DJ Yanee’s website and social media.

Article 15: Competence

The parties will only appeal to the courts after they have made every effort to settle a dispute in mutual consultation.
If attempts to settle the dispute in mutual consultation have not led to a solution acceptable to both parties, the matter will be submitted to the competent court in Leuven, where DJ Yanee is located at that time.

Article 16: Non-binding provisions
If one or more provisions of this agreement should be or become non-binding, the other provisions will remain in full force.